Tuxedos and Suits


Tuxedos and Suits Rentals

We offer both Tuxedo and suit rentals. We use a company based out of Waterloo, IA. Come in and select from a wide range of colors and styles. We will measure you in the store to insure an accurate fit. Once your selection has been made and we have your measurements we will order your items!  




Suits Purchases

Leibowitz is a great place to find a quality suit that you can purchase to own. Not only will you be able to have this suit to wear repeatedly, it is also tailored more specifically to your measurements. All you have to do is come into the shop, select the style suit you want, send us your measurements two months in advance and then come in to be precisely fitted by our in-house tailor. Here at the store, we know having a high-quality, good-fitting suit can make all the difference.